George W Bush

The Anti-Immigrant Movement and the National Immigration Debate

Over the past two decades the anti-immigrant movement has dominated immigration discourse in America, leading to some of the harshest and most extreme policies and rhetoric in decades. This became true following the tragic events on September 11, 2001. Since … Continued


Cross-post: The Tea Party Republicans’ Malek Problem

Chip Berlet, a researcher and author covering civil rights and civil liberties, posted the following article on Huffington Post November 3, 2010: Fred V. Malek, is a key political strategist for the American Action Network which just spent some $7 … Continued

The Endless, Surreal War Grinds On and On

All the emergency vehicles in town were on the streets, lights flashing. Police and Sheriff cars were rolling in. Cars were parked everywhere and crowds lined the sidewalks for a close view. Cameras rolled for footage to be used on … Continued


Obama Victory A Massive Setback for White Nationalists

After Obama’s landslide victory on November 4th we saw scenes of joy throughout the country and all over the world. People everywhere were speaking about their renewed hope. We also saw the reactions of those who voted for McCain, many … Continued

W., Reviewed

When I heard director Oliver Stone was making a movie about George W. Bush, I was intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, I bought my tickets ahead of time and waited in line with my boyfriend to get into the theater. … Continued