Healthcare System

Undocumented Residents Go On Hunger Strike for Fair Chance at Organ Transplant

Yesterday in the Chicago neighborhood of Little Village, fourteen undocumented patients in need of an organ transplant announced they were going on a hunger strike. The patients and loved ones of those in need of a transplant will strike until … Continued

Health Action Center Opening in Milan, Missouri

(Español mas abajo) As we all know,  there are currently thousands of Americans who have no access to health care, and this quandary is compounded for those living in rural areas. But for immigrants living in these areas, the situation … Continued

Grow a Pair, Dems

The problem with America today is not the radical right but the Democratic Party. That is one thing that became abundantly clear to me as I watched Chris Matthews’ new documentary “Rise of the New Right”. Back in March President … Continued