Human Dignity

Food Justice

Packinghouse Bathroom Breaks: Leaving Human Dignity at the Plant Gate

It happened again several weeks ago.  He asked permission to go to the bathroom.  His supervisor told him to wait till a replacement was found for his position on the line. The supervisor didn’t come back. He could wait no … Continued


Racism & Teenage Killers in America

It is impossible to measure the suffering of one against another. Comparing tragedies never helps make sense of them. The story of Abelino Mazariego, though, should be told, and it must be compared to others in order to prevent it … Continued


A Real Turn-Off: Population, Borders, and Hidden Agendas

Population growth is a tricky topic in many a political sphere. Perhaps no more so than for progressives concerned about climate change. I myself have wrestled with how to reconcile a commitment to racial justice and civil rights and a … Continued


Real Health Reform Leaves No Human Behind

Rosa Parks was well respected in Montgomery’s segregated world of black and white. Nearly fifty-five years ago today she chose to represent those who faced the daily indignities of being treated as a second class citizen by refusing to give … Continued

The Climate of Fear and the Illusion of Freedom

Red lights flashing, the State Trooper pulls up behind the car with no front plate. License please. No license, just a passport. Let’s see it. It’s at home. Let’s go get it; I’ll follow you. They drive to the trailer. … Continued


I Am More Than My Body

Women’s experiences of war are almost exclusively examined through the prism of rape and sexual torture. With the mass scale and the organized nature of rape during the Bosnian war, these stories were important to tell. In many ways, they … Continued


EU Struggling to Preserve Human Rights

The European Union is facing a challenge regarding the preservation of human rights as the economic downturn creates fertile ground for governmental terrorism against socially marginalized people. Recession and job losses, rising crime and homelessness are all helping to refuel … Continued


Today We Stand for Human Rights

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - a document that has had a profound affect globally on human dignity. Despite 60 years of clearly defined and generally accepted freedoms, we are still struggling to … Continued

I’ve Had Enough With Anti-Immigration

I love a good joke. Speaking of which, ever hear the one about the white supremacist and the radio host who headed to Washington D.C. to lobby elected officials? No? Well, that’s understandable because it’s no joke. On September 10th … Continued

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Who We Are We are professionals, students, and parents reviving what it means to be an American. We are Americans who share a vision to protect our American identity. Our Goal By 2050, one out of five Americans will be … Continued