Human Rights Violations

New Documentary ‘Under Arpiao’ Sets Off Southern Tour

Jason Michael Aragón, a filmmaker and activist from Pan Left Productions in Tucson, Arizona, recently released preview screenings of his documentary film titled Under Arpaio, which documents the struggle against the notorious Joe Arpaio. This “working- cut” of the film … Continued

Friday Media Recall (12.16.2011)

Every Friday we want to offer a collection of media pieces that we’re finding provocative, vital, persuasive, prophetic, genius, infuriating, mind-blogging, and other adjectives that gesture at all things thought-provoking. Some of these posts will, of course, focus on immigration, … Continued

With Civil and Human Rights Under Attack, Resistance Mounting

In spite of its checkered past, and current anti-immigrant legislation, the state of Georgia is a hotbed of acts of resistance to the anti-immigrant movement as organizing efforts and grassroots leadership training continues to gain ground.  Recently, some organizations came … Continued


We Must Work to Advance Justice for All

A couple weeks ago, over 600 activists, organizers, immigrant workers, faith leaders, youth and community elders descended upon Arlington, Virginia for the “Turning the Tide” National Summit.  They came from across the country to this second gathering determined to stem … Continued


DHS Accused of Racial Profiling

It has been over six years since Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) was founded. Since its inception, they have caused enough harm for national research groups to accuse ICE of racial profiling. The Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity … Continued


“Green” Fuel Has Human Cost

Governments and big business displacing landowners around the globe is nothing new. So it comes as no surprise that since 2005 there has been a resurgence of land theft in Colombia to make way for biofuel, and not so coincidentally, … Continued


De La Rocha Speaks to Thousands in Phoenix

By Dan Weiss On Saturday February 28th, I joined thousands in Phoenix, Arizona to march against America’s most hated Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The four mile long march was the latest step in bringing national attention to Arpaio’s blatant civil and … Continued


Audio: (Part 1) Hip-hop artist One Be Lo talks music, youth, and empowerment.

During this month’s hip-hop show “Stop the Circus. Stop Arpaio!” in Phoenix, Arizona, I got a chance to sit down with the popular underground hip-hop artist One Be Lo. So join us as we get the positive scoop from this … Continued


Napolitano, Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio is your Problem

It’s been 48 hours since over 200 undocumented immigrants were handcuffed, marched through Phoenix streets and abandoned in a tent city surrounded by an electric fence in the middle of the desert. This latest publicity stunt by Maricopa County Sheriff … Continued

Stop Hunting Immigrants

Jorge G. Castañeda wrote a powerfully truthful op-ed on immigration in Saturday’s New York Times. In it he spelled out the cruelty of our immigration system as it stands under the Bush administration, saying: Since late 2006, the Bush administration … Continued