Human Rights


Labor Rights are Human Rights

I woke up at dawn this past Saturday, my one day off from work and looked around my house. There was laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, writing to catch up on and a relaxation session to be … Continued


Anti-immigrant Laws Are Anti-human

Over 60 deaths in U.S. border deserts in July 2010. The number almost rivals that of US troop deaths in Afghanistan for the same month, 66, the deadliest month of a nine-year long war. The number of deaths along the … Continued


‘Dreams in Arizona Have Been Swept Away’

The following article is one of a series of accounts from students who recently returned  from Arizona. They were part of a delegation that spent a week touring the state amid  the enactment of controversial law SB 1070. The Center … Continued


A Real Turn-Off: Population, Borders, and Hidden Agendas

Population growth is a tricky topic in many a political sphere. Perhaps no more so than for progressives concerned about climate change. I myself have wrestled with how to reconcile a commitment to racial justice and civil rights and a … Continued


Mother’s Day in Colombia

Did your mom receive a box of chocolates today? Or Maybe a dozen roses? Both of these products are primarily grown and processed outside of the U.S., and both are available to purchase fair-trade. However, most people still opt for … Continued


Audio: (Part 2) One Be Lo on Hip-hop and Being American.

What does it mean to be “Hip-Hop”? What does it mean to be “American”? In part two of our visit with Michigan-based hip-hop artist One Be Lo, we get his take on both of these questions and what he feels … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Attacks Slip Under the Radar

From urban cities to rural communities to suburban sprawl, Americans now find themselves at the crossroads of a contentious, often appalling, national debate centered on forced economic migration.   Underneath this raging battle that divides communities, neighbors, friends and families a … Continued

Security, Sovereignty, & Justice

Earlier this year, prices of food staples shot up 40 percent, marking the fastest rate of increase since 1990. The current recession is beginning to bear its weight on the spending choices of middle-class Americans, from big ticket items to … Continued


The Grisly Truth Behind Soccer Ball Manufacturing

In a country like India where half of the population lives below the line of poverty, it seems to be pretty easy for big companies to exploit the inhabitants. Each year millions of soccer balls are produced and distributed to … Continued