Illegal Immigrant


White Nationalist Rhetoric Prevalent in Mainstream Discourse

The term “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” is not acceptable in mainstream rhetoric. Not from anti-immigrant advocates and especially not from immigrant rights supporters. I sometimes hear conversations that allude to using the term “illegal” to gain support for immigration … Continued


Crosspost: Rep. Wilson Protects Immigration Status?

A good article from Zachary Roth from TPMMuckraker details Rep. Joe Wilson’s interesting support for immigrants converting to Christianity. Rep. Joe (“You Lie”) Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s speech last week didn’t exactly make him out to be sympathetic to … Continued

Minutemen Force Hispanic Vendors to Shut Down

At every sporting event in the United States, large or small vending and tailgating is an extremely common occurrence. In Horry County South Carolina, the local Hispanic community have a soccer league where on average 150 people attend each game. … Continued