Immigrant Community

LA’s KFI AM 640 Finally Suspends Controversial Radio Hosts

A Los Angeles radio station was recently held accountable for the ongoing race baiting radio program of two notorious radio hosts. KFI AM 640 (Los Angeles) suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the “John and Ken Show,” … Continued

Health Action Center Opening in Milan, Missouri

(Español mas abajo) As we all know,  there are currently thousands of Americans who have no access to health care, and this quandary is compounded for those living in rural areas. But for immigrants living in these areas, the situation … Continued

A Quick Look at the Arrests in North Carolina

This week in Charlotte, NC, undocumented students bravely spoke out against a system that discourages education and creates fear against the immigrant community. On Tuesday, September 6, members of the NC Dream Team held a rally on the campus of … Continued


Resistance Among Rotting Crops in Georgia

PART 1: By Lupita Aguila Arteaga, Washington, DC Photo Credits: Rúben Castilla Herrera As thousands of people traveled to vacation hot spots for the Fourth of July weekend, a group of five from Washington, DC, ventured on a twelve hour … Continued


Flagstaff AZ Courageously Opposes Racist, Anti-immigrant Law

What does the immigrant community have that neither the Republican Party nor the Tea Party has? A backbone! After Arizona passed racist S.B. 1070, hundred of thousands of people took to the streets throughout the country in protest on May … Continued


CAPS Falsely Blames Immigrants for Environmental Problems

Environmentalists everywhere need to stand up against hate groups in America. Californians For Population Stabilization (CAPS) is an anti-immigrant group that has been pushing its racist agenda on Californians for years now. They insist that immigrants are responsible for the … Continued

Center for New Community Mourns Binghamton Tragedy

Center for New Community 312-266-0319 CHICAGO – Center for New Community was deeply saddened by the tragedy that took place in Binghamton, NY on Friday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and the community. … Continued

“We are human beings looking for a means to survive”

Despite a feigned concern about the distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, anti-immigrant forces in this country have helped stir up a general contempt for immigrants which goes beyond the status of documentation. The rhetoric of FAIR and other nativist … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Fervor Translates to Terror for Women

By Melissa Nalani Ross Originally printed in On The Issues Magazine I was contacted recently about a woman without documentation who worked at a fruit stand in the northeast. A male customer approached her and asked if she had any … Continued