Immigrant Youth


Cross-Post: Undocumented Young Activists Talk About Depression And Suicide

Originally posted by Huffington Post on February 3, 2012. Yanelli Hernandez, 22, tried to commit suicide while in immigration detention. Twice. Twice, she survived. She was doing everything she could to prevent authorities from deporting her to Mexico, a country … Continued

North Carolina Youth Draw Inspiration from Civil Rights Movement

By Domenic Powell The movement for immigrant rights is finding strength in the South. In North Carolina, we’ve known all along that this is where it should come from. This is a state with a long history of systemic injustice; … Continued

Your Saturday Immigration Rundown: 08.20.2011

Hey, hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. For obvious reasons, we’ve devoted a healthy amount of space to the Secure Communities hearing and protests in Chicago, as well as the recent announcement from the White House of … Continued


2010: Highlights from a year of resistance

More often than not, acts of resistance do not get written into history books.  Here are five acts of courageous opposition to xenophobia and bigotry, spearheaded mostly by youth, that should be highlighted for the year ahead. 1.      On Friday, … Continued


The DREAM killed in the Senate, but not on the streets

The DREAM Act did not pass the Senate vote on Saturday, December 18. The decision is devastating for the tens of thousands of students who fought tooth and nail for the bill. But it is not surprising. One only has … Continued


An Open Letter: Together we can make the DREAM happen for everyone

Dear Friends: For the past two years I have lived in Washington, DC, as a full-time undegrad at the George Washington University (“GWU”).  I recently declared Organization Sciences as my intended major, as I am hopeful that its interdisciplinary approach … Continued