White Nationalist Tips Kobach for Vice President

White nationalist Peter Brimelow, the founder of the anti-immigrant website recently wrote an article tipping Kris Kobach to be Mitt Romney’s running partner in the 2012 Presidential election. Brimelow favors Kobach because of his track record of anti-immigrant activity.


Kris Kobach: “Fanatics” and the Carving of Social Space

In a move straight out of a high school debate club “How to Argue” handbook, Kris Kobach compared his life’s work with Winston Churchill’s. Kobach, the Federation for American Immigration Reforms’s (FAIR) Constitutional assassin, was characterizing his own blinding obsession … Continued


Food Companies Put Profit First, People Last

The working class is being oppressed by employers that only want to grow wealth regardless of the sacrifices or conditions for their workers. The primary and only goal for this type of employer is to make more money.  Few of … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Leader to Blacks: Go back to Africa!

Though separated by a span of two hundred years, Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and the American Colonization Society (ACS), founded in 1816 as The Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color … Continued

Salmonella Outbreak Spotlights Unhealthy Plant Conditions

Two weeks ago I had the stomach flu. Without disclosing the details, I’ll just say it was awful, and the fever and aches kept me incapacitated for two days after the worst was over.

Growing Up Latino in the Heartland

By Carlos Rich Growing up as one of a few Latino immigrants in my Midwestern town was less challenging than one might think. Unlike a community of Latinos living in a historically all-white town, I was so outnumbered I don’t … Continued


Restricting the American Dream

In December of 1997, I boarded a plane from Ireland with my family bound for America. My dad had been offered a job in Chicago and he took it without question. When we arrived I faced the daunting task of … Continued

The Discrimination of Lowered Expectations

By Nora Flanagan As a teacher, I often encounter the supposedly subtle indicators of bias in the form of differentiated expectations for various groups of students, followed in my head by the screaming subtext. “He’s very well spoken…[for a black … Continued


On Neighbors and Immigration

Submitted by Doug West [email protected] I was an eyewitness this week to some of the worst aspects of humanity: fear, distrust, defensiveness. It was a single incident that happened behind my neighbor’s house. Running behind the houses on my street … Continued