Immigration Issues

LA’s KFI AM 640 Finally Suspends Controversial Radio Hosts

A Los Angeles radio station was recently held accountable for the ongoing race baiting radio program of two notorious radio hosts. KFI AM 640 (Los Angeles) suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the “John and Ken Show,” … Continued

U of San Diego Professor & CIS Board Member “Teaching” CIS Materials

Higher education has the duty to provide a fair environment for learning. As such, professors must provide their students with balanced presentations on subjects, especially those which focus on one of the most contentious political issues— immigration. At the University … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Efforts to Woo African Americans Find a New Home

This weekend the California based group Blacks for Equal Rights Coalition (BFERC) will hold an Outreach Summit on the Impact of Immigration on the Black Community. Sadly, the event is sponsored by

FAIR Announce New “Immigration” Blog

This week the anti-immigrant group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) announced the launch of its new blog, Immigration Reform. The blog’s mission is focused on “redefining the meaning of


Cross-Post: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Labor Law, But It’s No Model for SB 1070

Originally published on Colorlines by Jamilah King - Thursday, May 26 2011 Today the Supreme Court ruled to uphold an Arizona law that punishes businesses for hiring undocumented workers. Yet while the ruling on the four-year-old law is considered by … Continued


FAIR launches “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” in the U.S. capital

This week, the Federation for American Immigration Reform is holding its “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” lobbying events in Washington D.C.  Today, FAIR is training its member to make lobbying visits to members of Congress. Or rather telling them … Continued


Panel Symposium: Population Growth and Immigration: Myths, Facts, and Everything in Between

On Tuesday, March 1, the Program on Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University, (NAU),  and the Center for New Community co-sponsored a panel discussion titled, “Population Growth and Immigration: Myths, Facts, and Everything in Between.”  Panelists included Kooros Mahmoudi from … Continued


Kobach Faces More Skeptics Over Controversial History

An interesting article popped up from the Sand Mountain Reporter. It seems a journalist in Albertville, Alabama has been suspicious of our old friend Kris Kobach ever since he conveniently appeared “to help” the town with immigration issues. Ben Shurett’s … Continued


Neo-Nazi Activities Target Immigrants

When I first heard about the National Policy Institute’s “Boycott the Glenn Beck Boycott,” I was a little surprised, but just a little. Due to Beck’s racially charged reporting, Color of Change launched a boycott targeting companies financially supporting Beck’s … Continued

Tanton Memo of the Month - U.S., Inc.

This February’s Tanton Memo of the Month* details a list of nearly 30 organizations founded by U.S., Inc., John Tanton’s financial “umbrella” organization. The other day I found this document in our archives. As I plied through a variety of … Continued