Beleaguered Minutemen Civil Defense Corps Endorsed Winners

Unlike many of the organizations that make it their business to promote hostility against immigrants, the Minutemen Movement has had a challenging few years. Notably, the John Tanton Network managed to edge its controversial agenda further into conventional media streams, … Continued


Hope in the Making, Somali Americans Run for School Board

The most recent primary election was quite extraordinary for a new group of Americans who live in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. For the last 10 or so years, school issues have been a big topic of discussion for the Somali and … Continued


Op-Ed Highlight: Anti-Immigrant Groups Joining the Green Movement?

Eric Ward’s Earth Day op-ed for The Progressive delves into the little-known activity of anti-immigrant groups as they attempt to inject themselves into environmental agendas. Bigots trying to pass them themselves off as concerned environmentalist? Scary and shameful. On Earth … Continued

Is there a Woman in the House?

Like many progressive women across the nation I faced a tough decision leading up to the democratic primaries. I began to question my friends about who they would choose and why. One friend told me she voted for Hillary in … Continued