Joe Biden


Tea Party Exhibits Racism, House Gives It a Caucus

According to Vice President Joe Biden, neither he nor the Obama administration believes the Tea Party to be a racist organization. This past Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Vice-President Joe Biden said, “I don’t believe—the president doesn’t believe—that the Tea … Continued

A Record Breaking Moment

Now that the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain have dwindled down to less than four weeks, the American public’s attention towards each of these candidates has intensified. There has been an increase of interest in politics for … Continued

The Discrimination of Lowered Expectations

By Nora Flanagan As a teacher, I often encounter the supposedly subtle indicators of bias in the form of differentiated expectations for various groups of students, followed in my head by the screaming subtext. “He’s very well spoken…[for a black … Continued