Justice Advocates

Environmentalists Protest Two West Coast Growthbusters Film Premieres

“I went to the UC Berkeley screening of ‘GrowthBusters,’ the new tongue-in-cheek film that links to the anti-immigrant movement on issues of population. I showed up with fliers that read “Growth Busted! New Film that promotes fear and bigotry,” Minnie … Continued

William Ryerson Still Perpetuating the “Overpopulation” Myth

by Jesse Sanes As the UN’s 17th international climate summit comes to a close with little in the way of substantive plans to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, the echoes of alarms sounded for a global population reaching 7 billion still … Continued


Solutions to Climate Change Lie in Transcending Borders- Not Closing Them

by Martha Pskowski Environmentalists and social justice advocates are linking struggles across borders to fight the transnational forces causing climate change.   The work of global activists is countering arguments put forward by white nationalist groups that claim immigrants are an … Continued


Obama Administration Missing an Anti-Racist Opportunity?

In the midst of the euphoric, if fallacious, state of a “post-racial” United States that much of the country is caught up in, the Obama administration is about to miss an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to actually being anti-racist—working … Continued