Labor Shortage


Resistance among Rotting Crops in Georgia (Part 2)

By Lupita Aguila Arteaga, Washington, DC

Photo Credit: Rúben Castilla Herrera

The GLAHR offices were filled with native Georgians and people from all corners of the country. Some were working on art work and banners for the march, others were folding fliers and participating in “Know Your Rights” workshops, and some were sent to the streets to document which businesses would remain open or be closing in support of the call for non-compliance (no work/no shopping).

If the huevos and frijoles didn’t wake me up, the sentiment of solidarity and resistance felt in that room was


Obama & the Ghost of Clinton’s Past

President-elect Obama’s initial cabinet choices are disappointing. Rather than represent new thinking, they suggest policies based on political positioning, timidity, and the culture of K St.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State bodes poorly for American troops that have been bogged down in an increasingly unpopular war in Iraq. American deaths are fast approaching 4,200 according to the Department of Defense. Clinton supported this unpopular war up until time public support turned overwhelmingly against it.