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New Documentary ‘Under Arpiao’ Sets Off Southern Tour

Jason Michael Aragón, a filmmaker and activist from Pan Left Productions in Tucson, Arizona, recently released preview screenings of his documentary film titled Under Arpaio, which documents the struggle against the notorious Joe Arpaio. This “working- cut” of the film … Continued


Sheriff Joe’s “crime sweep” commences amid the alleged murder of an American teenager by Border Patrol

Sheriff Joe Apaio’s reign of terror continues in Phoenix. And this time his antics are more dangerous than ever. Arpaio is launching another round of what he’s coined “crime suppression sweeps,” an aggressive show of force by deputies and armed … Continued


Can Sheriff Joe Be Stopped?

Sheriff Joe would like the public to believe that the thousands of inmates on hunger strike for the last three weeks are just complaining about food. He would like us to think that the biggest issue for detainees is rotting … Continued

Hundreds Stand United Against Arpaio

By Dan Weiss (Verbal Kent) On February 4th Sheriff Joe Arpaio paraded hundreds of immigrants into their own personal Tent City surrounded by electric fences. Campaign for a United America asked me to help put on an event in Phoenix … Continued

Sheriff Joe Separates Mothers from Their Children

Sheriff Joe Arpaio finds any excuse to separate families. It’s 2009 and the terrorizing continues in Arizona’s Maricopa County. A community organizer last week documented a heartbreaking scene of a mother, Ciria Lopez, being stopped by Sheriff’s Joe’s self-proclaimed “posse”. … Continued