Legal Representation


Isolated in Detention

If you squint at the center of the horizon in the photo on the right, you will see the Tri-County Detention Center in Ullin, Illinois.  It is 354 miles from Chicago and 156 miles from St. Louis.  It is number … Continued


Migrant Children in Greece:Unintended Victims of the “War on Terror”

Collateral Damage is one of those terms that we learn to use when talking about wars, but we seldom, if ever, stop to think what it entails. It’s a nice word that helps obscure the true nature of wars, and … Continued


Bush Attacks Right to Representation

The Bush Administration must get some kind of perverse pleasure out of kicking people when they’re down. Nothing else could explain their most recent blow to the rights of America’s downtrodden. This time they’ve stripped away the right to legal … Continued