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Anti-immigrant group continues its homophobic trend

In a recent article published on Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) website, fellow James R. Edwards Jr., warns readers that gay immigrants have begun “to agitate for spousal visas.” Edwards links the Obama Administration’s refusal to continue supporting the Defense … Continued


Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bills Promote Violence Against Immigrant Women and Their Families

By Susana Sanchez Many of Arizona’s legislators are convinced that harsh anti-immigrant bills would push undocumented immigrants out of Arizona. Instead of encouraging immigrants to leave, the latest anti-immigrant bills are attacking immigrant women and their families. This week, Arizona’s … Continued


Feds Handcuff Racist Arizona Law

Some lawmakers in Arizona like to think of their state as the wild, wild west - a lawless place where it’s every man for himself. Arizona certainly has some unique qualities, but this romanticized idea that modern life in Arizona … Continued