Low wage workers

Raising Minimum Wages for Restaurant Workers, a Racial Justice Issue

By Maria Myotte, Communications Coordinator for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United People go out to restaurants to celebrate, build relationships, enjoy food and each other’s company – not to investigate their favorite restaurant’s labor practices – which  is why unsustainable and … Continued

Groundbreaking Report on Food Chain Workers Released Today

Today, the Food Chain Workers Alliance released a new report, The Hands That Feed Us: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers Along the Food Chain. The report details “the state of the food chain worker,” captures the experiences of workers, and … Continued

Coming Soon: Behind the Kitchen Door & The Hands That Feed Us

We’ve heard an awful lot in the last few years about what’s happening to our food before it arrives on our plate.  But little focus has been paid to what’s happening to the people who put the food on the … Continued


The Food Trusts: A Call for Backbone

Next week the Departments of Justice and Agriculture will jointly convene the first of five national hearings on “competition and regulatory issues in the agriculture industry.” If the first gathering in Ankeny, Iowa is any indicator, the Departments will have … Continued