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The Wall Street Protests: Why the media gets it wrong even when trying to get it right

When the Occupy Wall Street protest began three weeks ago, major media outlets ignored it. Then the media resorted to labeling it as leaderless and muddled - giving the overall impression that the unrest in lower Manhattan was a pointless … Continued


Cross-Post: New Report Exposes Media Love Affair with Right-Wingers

Originally published on by Joshua Holland. Forget about fake moon landings and Obama’s birth certificate. The most enduring unfounded conspiracy theory in America is that our institutions of knowledge – the media, the academy and even science — are … Continued


Republicans Don’t Want You to Know: Immigration Sharply Declines

Unlike most media outlets, the Financial Times published an article this week describing the sharp decline in the number of immigrants entering the US over the past few years. In an article that would make LouDobbs cringe, FT reporter Edward … Continued