Migrant Workers


4,000 Workers May Die Ahead of Qatar World Cup

The decision by FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been rife with controversy since its announcement in 2010. Concerns over athlete safety in the country’s sweltering summers and allegations of bribery were … Continued

Think Your Summer was Hot? Try Working in the Agricultural Fields of the US.

Much of this country’s food production depends on foreign laborers who come to this country temporarily. The US contracts with other governments to bring workers here to do the “unwanted, unpleasant jobs” that Americans do want to do. These migrants … Continued


A stroll in the Arizona desert

The state of Arizona, located in the Southwest region of the United States, shares a 389 mile border with Mexico. After the passing of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, a 640 mile fence has been built along the US/Mexico … Continued


Comedian Stephen Colbert – A Thorn in the Anti-immigrant Movement’s Paw

A few days ago, comedian Stephen Colbert testified before Congress, more precisely a House subcommittee on immigration, about his experience packing corn and picking beans on a farm. Over the summer, United Farm Workers launched “Take Our Jobs,” a campaign … Continued


Anti-immigrant Laws Are Anti-human

Over 60 deaths in U.S. border deserts in July 2010. The number almost rivals that of US troop deaths in Afghanistan for the same month, 66, the deadliest month of a nine-year long war. The number of deaths along the … Continued


Imprisoned Freedom

The days pass and pass; it has been more than a year of promises and hopes of freedom for the immigrants in this nation. At this point they have not seen any of the promises fulfilled and hopes are vanishing. … Continued


Passing the DREAM Act; It’s a No-Brainer

by Prerna Lal William Clinton was at Netroots Nations tonight for a keynote address. I couldn’t be bothered to attend and grace his latest simulation with my presence. After all, the former President signed into law two pieces of legislation … Continued

Tomato Pickers in Florida Battle Slavery

Tomato pickers in Florida have come a long way in securing workers rights, but the path ahead of them keeps stretching farther. Immokalee is an area in Collier county, and is the state’s largest farmworker community. The region is predominately … Continued


Migrant Workers: The Last Best Hope for Labor Movement

Russia’s disregard for its migrant workers’ human rights is out of control. An already alarming situation is exacerbated with the current economic instability and the general public’s disinterest in their plight. Human Rights Watch recently came out with a comprehensive … Continued