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The Tea Party’s Wins Could Devastate Progress

Last night, dozens of Tea Party-backed candidates were elected to the Senate and House.  For some of the candidates, the Tea Party’s support gave them the campaign funds and exposure to win.  For others, being affiliated with the Tea Party … Continued


Fifteen Years After Oklahoma City Multiracial America Still at Risk

In Oklahoma City, on the morning of April 19, 1995, far right activist Timothy McVeigh detonated an explosive device beneath the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building murdering 168 people and injuring 680. Fifteen years later the lesson of Oklahoma City … Continued


Middle American Radicals Come of Age in Texas Attack

Over the next several days our nation’s political leaders and media pundits will spend countless hours dissecting the actions of American suicide bomber Joseph Stack. On Thursday Stack deliberately flew a small aircraft into an office building housing federal offices … Continued