Audio: March 2009 Blogcast

As you have most likely read on the 2050 blog, there has been some heavy anti-immigrant activity in Arizona lately. Many of the people caught in this war on immigrants are the regions Native (American) population. In light of this … Continued


Audio: (Part 1) Hip-hop artist One Be Lo talks music, youth, and empowerment.

During this month’s hip-hop show “Stop the Circus. Stop Arpaio!” in Phoenix, Arizona, I got a chance to sit down with the popular underground hip-hop artist One Be Lo. So join us as we get the positive scoop from this … Continued


Audio: August 2008 Blogcast

Welcome to the August 21, 2008 edition of the Imagine 2050 audio podcast. This week we take to the streets in Oakland, California for an engaging exploration of what it means to be American. I feel the need to give … Continued