Meet Michael Tobias: Ecologist, Animal Lover, Anti-Immigrant Activist

by Sophia Olkhova What makes environmental racism so insidious is that at first glance is that it seems to rely purely on numbers and nature: two realms that purportedly exist outside of politics. However, ecologist Michael Tobias has made his … Continued


Echoes Of A Dark Past

For a long time now I have been living with feelings of alienation from the culture of my youth, as well as the pain that comes with the feelings of non-belonging. I was a product of a mixed marriage, a … Continued

Americans = Anglos: The Depth of Perception

Months had passed since I had been in town to meet with workers over steaming plates of good food at the local restaurant run by a family from Mexico. It was good to see everyone again and to get caught … Continued


Jane Addams: Advocate for Immigrants

Jane Addams was only 29 when she opened the Hull House Settlement in 1889 on Chicago’s tough west side with two friends, Miss Ellen Gates Starr and Miss Mary Keyser. All three were so naive they didn’t even lock the … Continued


Anti-Latino Bias Reaches American Professional Sports

However you’d like to refer to the game, be it soccer, football, or fútbol there’s only one thing you need to know. I love everything about it. I treasure those moments when new acquaintances question me about my love for … Continued