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Romney’s Immigration Policy: Don’t Deport, Just Torment

Mitt Romney has already raised eyebrows for his harshly anti-immigrant stance, with many in his own party criticizing his views and foretelling trouble for his standings in the upcoming Florida primary. So in that state’s GOP debate on Monday night, … Continued

Is the Tanton Network Really Complaining about Money?

There’s something about the holiday season that inspires people to complain about money. About a month ago, one blog opined that a certain pro-immigrant lawyer received too much for her time at a certain not-for-profit. It’s interesting that the anti-immigrant … Continued

Negative Population Growth Seeks to Occupy “Occupy”

by Jesse Sanes Even in the midst of the Occupy movement demanding otherwise, anti-immigrant pundits continue to blame the 99% for environmental degradation. With the global population reaching 7 billion within a six month window around October 31st, Malthusians of … Continued

A Top Ten “Tasteless” from Center for Immigration Studies

Yesterday, anti-immigrant group Center for Immigration Studies wrote a blog bashing Herman Cain for his call for an electrified border fence. CIS slammed Cain’s “thoughtless remarks,” also calling them “ill-informed and ill-considered comments.” Mother Jones responded this morning slamming CIS, … Continued