New Administration

A Brave New World: President Names Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio to Head Homeland Security, Plans Mass Deportation Program

Washington, February 16, 2012—President Perry announced today that controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio will head the Department of Homeland Security in his new Administration.  “Sheriff Joe is one of the finest law enforcement officers in the nation,” the President said, … Continued


2020 Vision

Hard to believe that as millions gathered worldwide ten years ago to usher in the new millennium the biggest worry was whether the computers would work after midnight. This year millions worldwide simply wonder if they will ever work again; … Continued


We are in Serious Trouble, and Patience is Running Thin

There is a deepening sense of frustration, cynicism, and growing anger brewing across the country, tempered only, for now, by the dim expectation that the Obama Administration might turn things around. Time for a turnaround, however, is short, and the … Continued

The Morning After: Let Our Work Begin Anew

Heading to canvassing headquarters last weekend, I walked with another volunteer who said she was so pumped up and excited about the prospects of this new day that she hadn’t slept well in weeks. We both laughed knowingly—it has indeed … Continued