New Environmental Film Recycles Controversial Theories

While researching controversial film Growthbusters (read more about that here), I stumbled across a new attempt to frame the anti-population growth argument: a film called Critical Mass, directed by Mike Freedman. Freedman’s argument, described as “clever” by the Telluride Mountain … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part I

By Jesse Sanes The recent Oregon Biking Beyond Bigotry tour was an incredible experience.  Conversations began in Portland, Oregon, and continued along 130 miles to Eugene. In Eugene we attended panels and presentations and networked with other environmentalists at The … Continued

Kris Kobach in Email War with Salon.com

In an email exchange with Salon.com last week Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach loosened the strangulating hold of his tie from his white collar and vented. Kobach, apparently, is livid that he’s being called a racist due to his … Continued

Environmentalists Protest Two West Coast Growthbusters Film Premieres

“I went to the UC Berkeley screening of ‘GrowthBusters,’ the new tongue-in-cheek film that links to the anti-immigrant movement on issues of population. I showed up with fliers that read “Growth Busted! New Film that promotes fear and bigotry,” Minnie … Continued

Population Numbers & the Scapegoating of Female Fertility

by Courtney Hooks Beyoncé and Jay Z just had the 7 billionth-or-so baby to ever be born. The only people on planet Earth who probably aren’t excited by that beautiful fact are population alarmists. But seriously, alarmist rhetoric about population … Continued

William Ryerson Still Perpetuating the “Overpopulation” Myth

by Jesse Sanes As the UN’s 17th international climate summit comes to a close with little in the way of substantive plans to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, the echoes of alarms sounded for a global population reaching 7 billion still … Continued

GrowthBusters, the film: where the Anti-Immigrant Overlaps the Environmental

Last week anti-immigrant group Californians for Population Stabilization’s (CAPS) Senior Writing Fellow, Maria Fotopoulos, interviewed GrowthBusters documentary filmmaker Dave Gardner.  The interview, titled “Addicted to Growth,” promotes Gardner’s film, which is set to be released later this month. GrowthBusters focuses … Continued

World “Anti-Immigrant” Day: the Skewing of World Population Day

Hopefully on World Population Day (WPD) many environmentalists were paying special attention to groups that are trying to hijack population discussions, steering them straight for anti-immigrant stances. Even though WPD was just last Monday, July 11, the anti-immigrant movement has … Continued