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Race, Values, and the Environment (Part 2/2): How do we repair the racial schisms within the environmental movement?

by Nicole Loeffler-G​ladstone Barry Yeoman’s article “Facing the Future” carefully spells out the issue of “diversity,” as it were, both in the environmental biosphere and the environmental non-profit sphere. Yeoman pointedly shows that issues of race, conservation, and justice have … Continued


Reproductive Agents: The Right-Wing Vilification of Immigrant Women’s Fertility

The Population and Development Program at Hampshire University released its spring 2011 DifferenTakes journal.  The journal focuses on the anti-immigrant movement and the greening of hate, and includes a piece written by Hampshire College student and Imagine 2050 writer Susana … Continued


Solutions to Climate Change Lie in Transcending Borders- Not Closing Them

by Martha Pskowski Environmentalists and social justice advocates are linking struggles across borders to fight the transnational forces causing climate change.   The work of global activists is countering arguments put forward by white nationalist groups that claim immigrants are an … Continued


Anti-immigrant leader compares his work to that of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Roy Beck’s recent MLK-themed blog post is an example of his willingness to exploit anything to promote his anti-immigrant agenda. And a sign of just how disconnected anti-immigrant groups like NumbersUSA are from what matters to Americans. Beck wrote about … Continued


Cross-Post: A “war on drugs” or a war on people of color?

Originally published on Race-Talk, a project of the Kirwan Institute. By Elizabeth Renter on October 21, 2010 at 11:00 am When the head of the California division of the NAACP spoke out in support of that state’s Proposition 19 this … Continued


Crosspost: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Hurts African-American Women the Most

Black women and other people of color have been disproportionately affected by the policy — and as one woman’s story illustrates, just the threat of discovery can take a terrible toll. Originally published on the the Root by Lynette Holloway … Continued


David Duke Announces Presidential Candidacy and Speaks to White Supremacist Church

A few weeks ago, white supremacist, and heavily botoxed former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke proudly announced that he was a potential candidate for the 2012 U.S. presidential race. Duke openly advocates for racial segregation and white separatism, … Continued


A Wake Up Call for Saint Cloud School Leaders

The questions many Somalis ask themselves is, ‘what is wrong with Saint Cloud, Minnesota?’ Why is there an environment of hate towards people of color and minorities? Why are our children faced with daily hostility at school? Among the complaints: … Continued


Leaders Work to Counter Harsh Realities of Meat Packing

It is very difficult to have a good understanding of the hands that feed us every day and the harsh reality that workers undergo daily in the meat packing industry. These are some of the hardest jobs in the food … Continued


Maryland NAACP Protests City’s ‘lynching’ Display

Faiz Shakir of Think Progress posted this story a few days ago. Just another reminder of how bigotry lurks in America’s everyday culture, and the need to remain sensitive to the tragedies endured by people of color. The Parks and … Continued