Phillip Cafaro


Center for Immigration Studies cites publication run by anti-Semite

This week, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) published a new backgrounder report on its website. In the report, CIS cites an article in the Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies to support an argument in its report. Interestingly … Continued


All Time Low: Center for Immigration Studies Blames Immigrants for Teenage Obesity

The anti-immigrant movement continues to sink lower and lower with attempts made to demonize immigrants, scare people and plant bigotry. With a complete disregard for human decency and common sense, the anti immigrant group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) are … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Groups Blame Immigrants for BP Oil Spill

Amidst an environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, anti-immigrant groups in the John Tanton Network see the BP oil spill as an opportunity to - wait for it - blame immigrants. BP can’t contain the oil spill and the … Continued