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Big Time Bigots Come Out to Defend AZ Senator

With a vote to recall Arizona State Russell Pearce just around the corner, Pearce’s powerful friends are coming out of the woodwork to try to keep him in office.

Reality TV Turns Surreal as Celebrity Cop Steven Seagal Joins Joe Arpaio in Cockfighting Raid

Originally posted on AlterNet / By Joshua Holland. The world of celebrity ‘tough-guy’ law enforcement took a bizarre turn this week when chubby middle-aged action hero Steven Seagal, a SWAT team and two tanks accompanied controversial Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff … Continued


Cross-Post: Salvador Reza, Anayanse Garza Allege Abuse During Arrest at State Capitol

A sobering reminder of the violent and unjust climate that persists in Arizona. Originally published on the Phoenix New Times blog Feathered Bastard by Stephen Lemons: The Arizona police state rolls on. Today, outside the Arizona state Capitol, human rights … Continued


Exclusive Footage: Sen. Russell Pearce endorsed JT Ready

Human League exposes the relationship between J.T. Ready, a former leader in the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce. This video shows State Senator Russell Pearce endorsing JT Ready (AZ’s most famous White Supremacist) … Continued


Cross-Post: Fantasy Voter Fraud

Originally published in the Phoenix New Times by Terry Greene Sterling Thursday, Dec 2 2010: Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was dissed by Russell Pearce over Prop 200′s dismissal. In late October, days before the election, state Senator Russell Pearce … Continued


Cross-Post: Bookworms

Originally published in the Phoenix New Times by Terry Greene Sterling Thursday, Dec 2 2010 To FAIR patriarch John Tanton, The Camp of the Saints, a 1973 apocalyptic book by French novelist Jean Raspail, stimulates honest discussion. The graphic book … Continued


Armed Neo-Nazis Hunt Immigrants in Arizona Desert

The climate of fear in Arizona’s desert has just reached new levels. Stephen Lemons’ piece in yesterday’s Phoenix New Times clearly illustrates this as he documents his trip with J.T. Ready -a neo-Nazi and border vigilante. As previously reported by … Continued


Sheriff Joe Called Upon to Renounce Neo-Nazi Followers

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon came out swinging at Sheriff Joe last week, demanding that he renounce his neo-Nazi fan base in light of the Holocaust Museum shooting. Phoenix New Times Reports: In a response to the tragedy today at the … Continued


Attempts to Normalize Arpaio Only Embarrass Arizona

A March 1, 2009 column by Arizona Repbulic’s E.J. Montini proclaims that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no ‘Bull’ Connor. Actually, Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arapio is more like the Southern segregationist Bull Conner than Arizona is ready to admit. Montini … Continued