Planned Parenthood


Romney Accepts Endorsement from Lawyer Tied to White Nationalists

“I am pleased to stand with this true conservative” said Kris Kobach of GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who he endorsed Wednesday. But would a “true conservative” accept an endorsement from someone with Kobach’s connections? A closer examination of Kobach reveals … Continued


Cross-Post: Environmentalists Shouldn’t Be Anti-Immigration

Originally published on Posted by Nicolas Mendoza - April 20th, 2011. The New York Times recently profiled John Tanton, the man who started the three major anti-immigration groups operating today: the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Numbers USA, … Continued


Planned Parenthood: Do we have another choice?

The House-passed funding cuts to Planned Parenthood are bad for American women. But the real tragedy is that, without Planned Parenthood, we have little else. On Friday the Republican led House voted to cut all federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  … Continued


Birth Control is for Everyone

The government released a list of key preventative services Wednesday, which will be covered at no “out of pocket expense” when the new health care legislation takes effect. From counseling for kids who struggle with their weight, to cancer screenings … Continued


Reproductive Justice Free From Bigotry

This month we celebrated the 50th anniversary of an advancement that revolutionized the lives of women: the pill. At the same time, population control advocates have taken center stage with the recent passage of Arizona’s anti-immigrant Senate Bill 1070. Strangely … Continued