Race And Ethnicity

Our Universities Should Be “Sanctuary Zones,” Not Enforcement Agencies

Every person deserves the right to the pursuit of knowledge. Academic institutions should not be places where bigotry and racism are endorsed. Yet nativist ideologies and organizations continue to pave a legislative and ideological path which restricts education to some. … Continued

Cross-Post: Recent immigration laws disadvantage us all

Originally published in The Progressive. By Eric K. Ward, October 5, 2011 The reckless hunt for undocumented immigrants is placing all of us in the economic crossfire. Recently, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled that portions of HB 56, a … Continued

United States Charged with Human Rights Violations

By Christina Iturralde It is obvious that the United States is violating the human rights of Latinos living within the country’s borders by failing to protect its Latino residents. Latinos have been targeted, attacked, brutalized and murdered because of their … Continued