Racial Justice


Going Beyond Dr. King’s “Dream”

Every year, mainstream media, the far Right, politicians, and clothing stores attempt to use Martin Luther King Jr.’s words and image to fit their agenda - one that is often antithetical to everything the Civil Rights leader ultimately stood for. … Continued

Critics Slam Chicago Mayor’s Push for a New Mandatory Minimum, Plan Protest

Illinois legislators are considering a state law that would increase mandatory minimum sentences for gun-related charges. The state legislature will convene for a special session on Tuesday, December 3, where they will have a chance to vote on the bill. … Continued

Movements for Racial Justice Enter New Phase in Florida, Chicago, and California

Yesterday, a 31 day sit-in at the Florida state capitol ended, and the student-led campaign announced its next steps. Starting four days after George Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Dream Defenders occupied the Tallahassee government building to demand a special legislative session … Continued

Raising Minimum Wages for Restaurant Workers, a Racial Justice Issue

By Maria Myotte, Communications Coordinator for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United People go out to restaurants to celebrate, build relationships, enjoy food and each other’s company – not to investigate their favorite restaurant’s labor practices – which  is why unsustainable and … Continued

Ruling on Voting Rights Act Holds Major Implications for Immigrants

As the Senate approaches its final hours in a push to bring millions of immigrants into the American polity, millions of citizens are being pushed out of it. What does the gutting of the Voting Rights Act mean for newly … Continued

Check out ChangeLab!

If you are not already reading ChangeLab, I am about to turn you on to an inspirational and thought provoking new site by the folks behind RaceFiles.  After more than 5 collective decades of struggle against racism in America and … Continued

Another Lesson from #OWS: why we need to pay attention to our opponents

by Christina Antonakos-Wallace Over the last four and a half months, the Occupy Wall Street movement has grown from a small protest in New York’s Financial District to an international movement targeting systemic economic injustice across industries and institutions. For … Continued

Occupying the Food Chain

With a litany of negative circumstances impacting people in this country, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has become both a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, as so many are feeling that their voices and actions can actually make … Continued

Food and the Mandate for Racial Justice

Midst all the manifestations of the so-called “food movement” in the U.S.—organic, slow, sustainable, natural, whole, healthy, urban, sovereign—is a glaring absence of analysis of the structure of race that pervades the entire food system, from the ground to the … Continued


A Real Turn-Off: Population, Borders, and Hidden Agendas

Population growth is a tricky topic in many a political sphere. Perhaps no more so than for progressives concerned about climate change. I myself have wrestled with how to reconcile a commitment to racial justice and civil rights and a … Continued