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The Tanton Network’s Top 10 Gaffes of 2010

Reflecting on the past year, the John Tanton Network’s anti-immigrant organizations performed an embarrassing number of gaffes that further exposed their extreme views and ties to white nationalism. Here is a list of the top 10 gaffes made by the … Continued


Want to keep in touch with bigots? There’s an app for that

Updated November 18, 2010 - 1:16 P.M. NumbersUSA, an anti-immigrant organization that is part of a network with ties to white nationalists, has announced this week that an iPad/iPhone app of the same name was launched on November 9, 2010. … Continued


Tea Party Exhibits Racism, House Gives It a Caucus

According to Vice President Joe Biden, neither he nor the Obama administration believes the Tea Party to be a racist organization. This past Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Vice-President Joe Biden said, “I don’t believe—the president doesn’t believe—that the Tea … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Groups Respond to Obama Immigration Speech

As expected, the President’s immigration reform speech on July 1 was a pebble that produced a serious ripple effect on the anti-immigrant movement. Mark Krikorian, executive director of Center for Immigration Studies, an organization founded by John Tanton, a well … Continued


Roy Beck: Bogus Immigration Expert

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA has been called out as a pseudo-environmentalist, a big fat liar, and president of an organization connected to the white nationalist, anti-immigrant John Tanton Network.  And still, for some reason, folks in mainstream media think this … Continued


NumbersUSA Refuses To Break Ties With Political Extremists

The anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA and its executive director Roy Beck just can’t seem to steer clear of controversy. The Center for New Community reports that on June 4 Beck will address an event organized by the Maryland-based Institute of the … Continued


Fighting Fascism is a Global Effort

Since early last year the United States has seen rapid growth in many sectors of the radical right. There has been unprecedented expansion of anti-government militia groups, increased anti-immigrant rhetoric in the tea party movement, and deeply troubling proof of … Continued