Rahm Emanuel

Back to School: Demolition and Displacement for Students of Color

  Last week, a small library and community center in a Mexican American neighborhood in Chicago was bulldozed, sparking outrage and attracting national media attention. At first glance, the building - a small, freestanding field house on the grounds of … Continued

Obama Administration Supports Monitor if ‘Stop & Frisk’ Struck Down

A few days ago the Obama Administration came out in support of a court appointed monitor in the event that stop and frisk is struck down. New York’s Stop and Frisk trial is nearly over and the city only awaits the … Continued

Change We Can Believe in. When?

The Democratic Congress and the Obama Administration have wasted political capital this past year in a manner that makes Wall Street losses look like child’s play. Democrats—infamous for circling up, loading up, and firing at one other—are on the verge … Continued


Anti-immigrant Extremist Eyes Emanuel’s Congressional Seat

Just when you thought you had heard it all when it comes to Illinois politics, along comes anti-immigrant extremist Rosanna Pulido in a run for Rahm Emanuel’s vacated seat in the 5th Congressional District. A field representative of the Federation … Continued