Scapegoating Immigrants

CIS: No Water in the Desert? Blame Immigrants.

by Nicole Loeffler-G​ladstone Kathleene Parker’s article, “Population, Immigration, and the Drying of the American Southwest,” which was published by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), is at first glance an article that might interest most progressive environmentalists. As a student … Continued


Closing the U.S. border is a false solution to the climate crisis

by Kim Lobaria, Rising Tide activist Anti-immigrant forces are playing on fears about global warming. And while global warming is a real threat, it doesn’t come from immigrants but from fossil fuel companies that are destroying our Earth. Poor immigrants … Continued


2010: Highlights from a year of resistance

More often than not, acts of resistance do not get written into history books.  Here are five acts of courageous opposition to xenophobia and bigotry, spearheaded mostly by youth, that should be highlighted for the year ahead. 1.      On Friday, … Continued


The Green War on Immigrants

Bigotry. That isn’t the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about environmentalism, but green bigotry is real and growing. A web of individuals, groups and funders who identify themselves as environmentalists are dividing the environmental movement and … Continued