Population Numbers & the Scapegoating of Female Fertility

by Courtney Hooks Beyoncé and Jay Z just had the 7 billionth-or-so baby to ever be born. The only people on planet Earth who probably aren’t excited by that beautiful fact are population alarmists. But seriously, alarmist rhetoric about population … Continued


Social Justice Movements Standing Strong Against Anti-Immigrant Inroads

The Population and Development Program at Hampshire University just released its January DifferenTakes journal.  The journal looks at the anti-immigrant movement and the greening of hate.  It includes a piece written by Imagine 2050 writer, Rebecca Poswolsky, titled, “Social Justice … Continued


Reclaiming the Discourse on Single Motherhood

In these uncertain economic times, issues of crime and its social origin and impact are beginning to shape public discourse. Fear of social collapse often leads to scapegoating, and a reemerging focus on the negativity of single parenthood is just … Continued