Second Amendment


Nativism lurking within gun advocacy, the NRA’s “single-issue”

No one wants to take sides anymore. In a noncommittal state every noncommittal idea can contribute to the political framework, and we find ourselves bombarded with singular ‘issues’ or ‘causes’ rather than the actual approaches that connect them. No lobby … Continued


Gun rights groups don’t kill people, but their frantic politics might

The tragic events in Tuscon on January eighth have clearly left the world in awe. Such deviations in the standard function of civil society always have. Speculations abound, aligning the shooter Jared Lee Loughner with countless ideological ties that spurred … Continued


Pro-gun group, Appleseed Project, attracts white nationalist fans

If you’re at all familiar with Second Amendment lobbyists and interest groups, you understand the general revolutionary panache in which the movement drapes itself: frequent appeals to the Constitution; incessant and undefined use of the word “liberty;” insistence on the … Continued


Second Amendment Lobby Successful in Midterms

On November 2, the Second Amendment Lobby made its usual show of support for a staggering number of candidates. Whether or not Americans made a conscious decision to vote on this issue, the results show that gun rights groups endorsed … Continued


The Second Amendment Lobby and Far-Right Activism

By Brian Schultz In an earlier article I noted a critical strain in the NRA’s rhetoric, one lamenting a pending crisis in the United States and recruiting with horrifying hypothetical scenarios. It’s not about typical 2nd Amendment, right-to-own types of arguments; … Continued


Cross-post: Violent Rhetoric At The 2nd Amendment Rally

Media Matters put together this video portraying some of the violent rhetoric uttered by speakers and members of the crowd at the DC Second Amendment rally on April 19. Speakers at the DC Second Amendment rally on April 19, 2010 … Continued