Tea Parties


Cross-Post: NAACP Cites Tea Party Blog Post as Further Proof of Racism

Posted by David Knowles, writer at AOL News Surge Desk: (July 16) — The war of words between the NAACP and members of the tea party movement is not dying down. After the venerable civil rights organization passed a formal … Continued


Che Attends a Tea Party

Beautiful spring day in downtown Houston. Seventy degrees. Sunny. The Tea Partiers have gathered to vent. The usual signs—Obama is a Marxist, socialist, commie, fill-in-the blank with your favorite epithet. Huge “Don’t Tread on Me” flags outnumber American flags. “Secede … Continued


Anti-immigrant Movement’s Wicked Witch Tells Supporters to “Lock and Load”

Amid tea parties and a re-emergence of white militia activity, notorious anti-immigrant leader Barbara Coe is preparing her supporters for a fight. In an email she sent out that was eventually posted on an anti-immigrant listserv, Coe wrote: Fellow American … Continued


A Day at a North Carolina Tea Party

By Deborah Austin and Cloee Cooper As a mother, activist and community member from Durham, North Carolina of Mexican, Native American decent, I can personally attest to the racist behavior and remarks at the Tea Parties Against Amnesty for Illegal … Continued


Anti-immigrant Sentiment is Racism

The United States has struggled historically when it comes to race. Slavery and the conquering of North America from the indigenous populations are two examples of how the wealth and prosperity of this country came at the expense of so … Continued

Disunity in the Tea Party Movement

When we see the pictures of tea parties on the news or in newspapers across the country, all of the attendees at the events seem to be arguing the same thing. Most of them are middle-aged white Americans who are … Continued


Kobach on Colbert? You Must be Kidding

I laughed so hard when Stephen Colbert had Sheriff Joe on his show I almost fell of my chair! Hahah-actually not really. Because there’s nothing funny about racists on TV kids. In fact I was a little creeped out. Sorry … Continued

Tea Party Update

Gordonskene reports on the Santa Monica Tea Party where he ran into members of the John Birch Society: Seems the JBS is alive and well and kicking up all sort of under-the-radar dust. This time it’s not communism but EU … Continued


White Nationalists Tied to Tea Parties

It’s no secret that Conservatives have a hard time keeping racism out of their ranks (i.e. airwaves), and now such bigoted strains seems to have sprouted within their grassroots-movements. The whole tea party thing is being organized by Conservative corporate … Continued