University Students


Delegation Visits Atlanta Amid Resistance to Georgia House Bill 87

Today, the Center for New Community, a national civil rights organization, was joined by university students from around the country and members of Sixth Sun Media for a five-day delegation to Atlanta.


A Look Inside SB1070

It was August 2010. Senate Bill 1070 just passed in Arizona. Equipped with a video camera and curiosity, a delegation of University students visited the border regions of Arizona to learn more about the enactment of the controversial anti-immigrant law. … Continued


Howard University students screen film on anti-immigrant bigotry

“This issue is so big, it’s affecting all people” -Howard University NAACP member Thursday night, in honor of the Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, Howard University’s NAACP chapter hosted a documentary screening and student panel on controversial Arizona law … Continued


Students protest anti-immigrant group FAIR for attacks on Constitution

On January 20, 2011, university students in Washington DC gathered outside of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) headquarters to protest attacks on the U.S. Constitution. Earlier this month, FAIR and its legal arm, Immigration Reform Law Institute, announced … Continued


University students take a stand against bigotry

You might remember hearing last month about students at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee who staged a walkout on anti-immigrant group FAIR.  When FAIR’s president, Dan Stein, came to their campus to debate SB1070, students not only asked him … Continued