Voter Fraud

New PAC Aims to Spread Voter Suppression Across the U.S.

The campaigns of incumbent Secretaries of State and several hopefuls across the country looking to assist Kansas’ Kris Kobach in his voter suppression crusade will be given a boost in 2014. As Politico reported last week, a new group, named … Continued

Voter ID Laws: Barricades to Democracy

As can often be the case, a plethora of misinformation is fogging the way to Election 2012. The tactic is not new: throughout history attempts have been made to block groups from participating in the democratic process, with proof of … Continued

Cross-Post: Dead Men Don’t Vote

Published on The Wichita Eagle on August 31, 2011, by Phillip Brownlee Dead people aren’t voting in Sedgwick County. That’s a relief. Now we can get back to worrying about other nonexistent problems, such as that illegal immigrants are voting. … Continued


Cross-Post: Fantasy Voter Fraud

Originally published in the Phoenix New Times by Terry Greene Sterling Thursday, Dec 2 2010: Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was dissed by Russell Pearce over Prop 200′s dismissal. In late October, days before the election, state Senator Russell Pearce … Continued


The Tanton Network’s Seven Sisters Fare Well in Election 2010

During the 2010 election cycle, the issue of immigration was a driving factor. Though many of the groups encompassed in the John Tanton Network are not legally allowed to endorse candidates, that hasn’t stopped members of the most powerful movement … Continued


FAIR and Unbalanced: Signs of “State Rights” Strategy to Trump Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Signs are emerging that FAIR-associated candidates may be laying groundwork for a collective state electoral strategy aimed at trumping gains from proposed comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level. In a strategy reminiscent of bygone “states rights” claims, which were … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Groups Spread Lies & Contribute to Voter Discrimination

Social Contract Press spreads lies about voter fraud and contributes to suppression of the voting rights of Latino citizens. Anti-Latino groups, like the FIRE Coalition, are using SCP’s false findings to encourage their followers to man the polls and discriminate … Continued


Social Contract Press Lies to American Voters

I smell desperation. And the stench is coming from the direction of John Tanton’s clique of bigoted-nativist groups. A few days ago, a report was released by Social Contract Press. The report, titled “How Many Non-Citizen Voters? Enough to Make … Continued