Wal Mart

Social Inequality For Sale at a Grocery Store (Maybe) Near You

In a holiday “final-minute-before-closing” run to the local grocery store on December 31, I experienced a food justice eye-opener. I rushed into a store while carrying a bag from a previous purchase, zooming right past a man stationed near the … Continued

Ilario Pantano Receives First Endorsement from Anti-Corporate Conspiracy Theorist

by Domenic Powell William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALI-PAC), has endorsed Ilario Pantano, a former commodities trader for Goldman Sachs, in his run for Congress in North Carolina’s 7th District. While Pantano might be “honored” … Continued

Workers Resisting Black Friday Shifts

This year for Black Friday stores are opening earlier than ever before. Typically retailers open around 4 AM, offering promotional sales to kick off the shopping season. This year, though, retail giants like Target, Macy’s, and Best Buy are opening … Continued


Anti-immigrant Writer Attempts to “Green” Bigotry for Small Businesses

By Catherine Craig The “green” movement has been co-opted by hundreds of groups, organizations, and even corporations. Wal-Mart, George W. Bush, and even the United States military have taken the word “green” and used it to their (fiscal) advantage. Green … Continued


Reviewed: Food, Inc.

Even as someone who has extensive knowledge of the US food system, this film was shocking. An extremely absorbing two-hour look into the US food system from seed to sale. From the farmers whose every decision is controlled by giant … Continued


Obama Must Embrace Immigrants to Reform Economy

The American Economy will never recover if workers are robbed of their wages. When workers suffer from wage theft, the economy feels it too. According to Kim Bobo, founder and executive director of Interfaith Worker Justice, in her new book … Continued


Bye Bye Black Friday

Black Friday is a perfect example of American consumerism gone awry. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition for some that is more sacred than the holiday itself. But this year demonstrates once again that Black Friday needs to … Continued

Welcomed Home: Part 2

Inside, I shut the door and run my hand over an antique desk where She used to sit and do her make-up. The tainted mirror reflects my image and behind me, I can almost see her standing, searching in the … Continued

Sarah Palin - The Woman That Only Thinks of Herself

Sarah Palin is an interesting person. She reminds me of the kind of football mom you question under your breath before you decide to date her son. The kind of mom that sticks up for her kids when a teacher … Continued

I’m Not Shopping at Wal-Mart because I like to

“The other day while I was shopping at Wal-Mart…” No, I can’t admit to people that I shop at Wal-Mart. “The other day when I was at the grocery…” This is what I’m telling myself as I’m explaining to people … Continued