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Bad Day for Nativists: Black American Leadership Alliance Exposed…and Punked

The Black American Leadership Alliance got a heavy dose of #fail at the end of the ‘DC March for Jobs’ today. Aside from having the marchers promote the wrong website, the anti-immigrant movement had their front group exposed to the … Continued


Food workers struggle for justice with tomato pickers in Immokalee

Earlier this month, I along with a few workers from the Midwest joined hundreds of protesters and Immokalee workers in Tampa, Florida.  This effort to bring more attention to the plight of food workers started in the northeast and made … Continued


An Open Letter: Together we can make the DREAM happen for everyone

Dear Friends: For the past two years I have lived in Washington, DC, as a full-time undegrad at the George Washington University (“GWU”).  I recently declared Organization Sciences as my intended major, as I am hopeful that its interdisciplinary approach … Continued


Defections Continue to Hurt Cuban Soccer

This week, 2 Cuban soccer players defected from their national team while on world cup qualifying duty in Washington DC. Cuba has now lost 12 players to defection since 2002. Nearly all of the stories are the same: the players … Continued