Water Shortages

Environmentalists Protest Two West Coast Growthbusters Film Premieres

“I went to the UC Berkeley screening of ‘GrowthBusters,’ the new tongue-in-cheek film that links to the anti-immigrant movement on issues of population. I showed up with fliers that read “Growth Busted! New Film that promotes fear and bigotry,” Minnie … Continued

GrowthBusters, the film: where the Anti-Immigrant Overlaps the Environmental

Last week anti-immigrant group Californians for Population Stabilization’s (CAPS) Senior Writing Fellow, Maria Fotopoulos, interviewed GrowthBusters documentary filmmaker Dave Gardner.  The interview, titled “Addicted to Growth,” promotes Gardner’s film, which is set to be released later this month. GrowthBusters focuses … Continued


New film uses anti-immigrant arguments to make a case for limiting growth

A new documentary film on overpopulation is set to be released in 2011. GrowthBusters bills itself as a film about creating a sustainable civilization by paving the path for a post-growth future. The film’s creator, Dave Gardner, states that it … Continued


Got Water? Immigrants Blamed for Water Shortages in the Southwest

By Martha Pskowski The anti-immigrant movement, under groups like The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), blame immigrants and population levels in the American Southwest for lack of water and potential water shortages.  We know droughts are becoming more frequent and … Continued


Sustaining White America: Population, Environment, and Immigration

Ever since John Tanton launched FAIR three decades ago, the anti-immigrant movement has distorted population growth and its environmental impacts to advance specious arguments that supposedly validate their restrictionist agenda. The Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) latest report touting “The … Continued