White Citizens Councils

U of San Diego Professor & CIS Board Member “Teaching” CIS Materials

Higher education has the duty to provide a fair environment for learning. As such, professors must provide their students with balanced presentations on subjects, especially those which focus on one of the most contentious political issues— immigration. At the University … Continued


The Social Contract: Complaining About Nothing New

The Social Contract, a white nationalist quarterly journal, released its Fall issue last month. Entitled “America Transformed,” it marks twenty-five years since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), popularly derided by anti-immigrant stalwarts as the most egregious law … Continued


Youth for Western Civilization Activist to Speak at CofCC Event

A headline article on MSNBC.com yesterday asked, “Is conservative student group preaching white nationalism?” The question was in response to Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), an organization whose motto is “defending the West on campus.” In the MSNBC article, the … Continued


Bigots in Suits – Anti-immigrant Lawyer Running For Office

Yesterday was a day of discoveries. I discovered that my hair was an inch longer than the last time I checked, I discovered that one of my best friends decided to ditch her first name and go with her middle … Continued


Roy Beck: Bogus Immigration Expert

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA has been called out as a pseudo-environmentalist, a big fat liar, and president of an organization connected to the white nationalist, anti-immigrant John Tanton Network.  And still, for some reason, folks in mainstream media think this … Continued


New Anti-Immigrant Spokespersons Carry On FAIR’s Dirty Work

After Rachel Maddow’s credibility crippling exposé on the Federation for American Immigration (FAIR), the anti-immigrant movement’s linchpin is still finding ways to sneak comments into mainstream media stories on immigration. Although many news outlets have avoided citing the group since … Continued


The Anti-Immigrant Bigotry Smackdown - Round II

Welcome back to Round II of the Anti-Immigrant Bigotry Smackdown! We’ve got more exciting match-ups for you, just in time for today’s nativist rally in Phoenix. Barbara Coe vs. Rosemary Jenks About the contenders: Barbara Coe founded the controversial California … Continued


Vernon Briggs’ Little White Anti-Immigrant Lies

I’ve always detested early mornings. There’s something so unnatural about rising before the sun. I always feel like I’m lacking key pieces of data that will crucially inform my day, which is exactly how I felt 4:30 AM this past … Continued


Fueled by Racism, Opposition to Immigrants is Spanning the Globe

Steeped in fear and contempt and fueled by racism, fierce opposition to migrants, immigrants, and refugees is growing across the globe, and is likely to worsen as economic/political turmoil and environmental degradation uproots sectors of people. Greece has taken dramatic … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Network Sheds Mainstream Charade

After three decades of being handled with kids gloves by national media, the national network of anti-immigrant organizations is now confident enough that they are jettisoning any veneer of respectability. One such organization, Social Contract Press, showed just how extreme … Continued