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White nationalist conference officially canceled, would-be attendees lash out

Last week, for the second year in a row, the American Renaissance Conference was canceled. American Renaissance (AmRen) is an organization run by white nationalist Jared Taylor. His conferences are well-known and attract some of the biggest players from white … Continued


Hardcore Racists Flock to NumbersUSA’s Campaign

NumbersUSA deployed its counter-action to the immigration reform march in Washington D.C over the weekend. The plan, S.T.O.P Amnesty in four days, contained carefully crafted talking points that tea party and hard-core, anti-immigrant activists used to lobby state and federal … Continued


Obama Victory A Massive Setback for White Nationalists

After Obama’s landslide victory on November 4th we saw scenes of joy throughout the country and all over the world. People everywhere were speaking about their renewed hope. We also saw the reactions of those who voted for McCain, many … Continued