Defending Democracy
Center for New Community

CNC partners with organizations in over twenty states to support, build, and advance a shared commitment to democratic community, where racism, bigotry, and nativism are exposed and countered.

Through its strategic research, education, training, and organizing, CNC takes on the forces that would undermine democratic community, with a particular focus today on the nativist, anti-immigrant movement.

  • CNC’s strategic research exposes the racism of the nativist movement, via The New York Times, Mother Jones, and numerous other print, radio, television, and electronic media.
  • CNC’s campus and student organizing builds a new generation of activists engaged in anti-racism work.
  • CNC’s work with artist communities engages unconventional allies in countering racist movements and promotes creative resistance.
  • CNC’s Race, Migration & Environment Initiative counters racism within the environmental movement by advancing inclusive dialogues on population and immigration.
  • CNC’s work with African American and African refugee leaders combats efforts by racist groups to divide African-descent and Latino/a immigrant communities.
  • In North Carolina and Colorado, CNC’s State Advocacy Initiative supports and strengthens the coalitions dedicated to the civil rights of immigrants and communities of color.
  • CNC’s blog informs and activates over 10,000 readers a month.
  • CNC's Turn It Down Campaign provides communities with the tools and information they need to halt the growth of white power music.