Earth Day 2014

Today is Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of our planet. Most people spend the day engaging in environmentally focused activities but some use it to peddle their wacky political views. Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, is one of those people. … Continued


Don’t let population control alarmists derail Earth Day

Earlier this week, the UN released a report revealing that significant measures are urgently needed to avoid an environmental and humanitarian disaster. Meanwhile, some population control extremists are manipulating environmental discourse to blame immigrants for climate change. In our haste … Continued


The ugly side of Earth Day

The climate crisis becomes grimmer by the day, but Mother Earth is up against more than just climate deniers and powerful corporations. The suffering environment is also the victim of racist organizations. To understand why, we have to go way … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Environmentalist Continues the “Greening of Hate”

Colorado State University professor Phil Cafaro recently gave a talk in Fort Collins to promote his book, Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation. He frames the book as a brave attempt to break the silence imposed by politically correct … Continued


CIS Head Defends Fringe Population Control Leader

Last week, Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), went out on a limb to defend Phil Cafaro, Board President of the deceptively-named anti-immigrant organization, Progressives for Immigration Reform. “I’ve met Phil Cafaro and he strikes … Continued

POTUS’s Stance on Climate Change will Erode”Validity” of Immigrant Blaming

During the entire election season, President Obama made so few remarks regarding climate change that only two made it into the news cycle: during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention he said that “climate change is not a … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Group Falsely Blames Water Shortages on Immigrants

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently published a report on water resources in the United States. This is not a new topic for the anti-immigrant movement, which specializes in blaming resource depletion on individuals, or specific groups of … Continued


VDARE contributor attacks environmental orgs over immigration

Brenda Walker’s article in the latest issue of The Social Contract laments the environmental movement’s drift from “traditional” notions of environmentalism. Walker accuses the usual suspects (Socialist ideology, Saul Alinsky) of leading the environmental movement astray; that is, she has … Continued

The Impacts of 20th Century Eugenics on Contemporary Conservation Ethics

(Note: This blog is a reflection on David Samuel’s “Wild Things” article in the June 2012 issue of Harper’s Magazine. All quotations are from the article.) It seems almost impossible to find a bridge between 20th and 21st century conservation … Continued


Negative Population Growth continues racist scapegoating of immigrants

The most recent issue of the Negative Population Growth (NPG) Journal was published earlier this month, and contains a litany of racist complaints about immigrants and the irreparable harm they are doing to society and the environment. NPG was founded … Continued