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Cross-Post: North Carolina Confronts the Ugly Past of Its Eugenics Law

A must-read article published on Colorines by Asraa Mustufa:

A North Carolina state task force is holding a public listening session later this month for victims of the state’s now defunct eugenics law to come forward and share their stories. The session is part of an effort to compensate those who were forcibly sterilized decades ago. The majority of victims were poor black women, and many were minors or the victims of rape or incest.

“The fewer black babies we have the better, that’s what some people said,” Professor Paul Lombardo told the BBC about the program. “They’re just going to end up on welfare.”

American Identity

Crosspost: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Hurts African-American Women the Most

Black women and other people of color have been disproportionately affected by the policy — and as one woman’s story illustrates, just the threat of discovery can take a terrible toll.

Originally published on the the Root by Lynette Holloway | Posted: October 6, 2010

During the recent heated debates on Capitol Hill about repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” former Army Sgt. Tracey L. Cooper-Harris sent a poignant letter to President Barack Obama urging him to “do the right thing.”

Cooper-Harris, who is black, wrote in the May 10 letter that her male compatriots sexually blackmailed her as a teenager to guard her secret of being gay. “The signal from command

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