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Audio Blog: Freedom of Religion Defines America

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If you’ve watched the network news lately, you’ve probably seen coverage of the proposed Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center near the former site of the World Trade Center towers.

A huge amount of prime time space has been given to protesters of the Mosque, a group that includes Tea Party members, anti-Islamic activists and, sadly, the Anti-Defamation League or the ADL.  The ADL is a long-standing Jewish civil rights organization that released a statement in opposition to the planned Mosque and Cultural Center.

While the ADL’s statement is disappointing to say the least, it shouldn’t overshadow the Jewish community as a whole that… Read more

American Identity

September 11, 2001

“Upon coming out of the darkness of the Battery Tunnel into the bright light of morning there was immediately a peculiar feel to the city. The car veered towards the exit ramp as I glanced up to an unexpected sight: one of the World Trade Towers was ablaze. It was an eerie vision without even yet knowing the origin of the blaze.

We tediously and uneasily made our way through traffic continuing to look skyward at the billowing smoke. I had a grim realization that thousands of pieces of paper were floating through the air. In one brief moment the sounds of the city and sirens were overtaken by the sound of a jet and… Read more