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Geller, AFDI’s Islamophobic Ads Approved to Run on Boston-Area Transit

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) announced today that it has agreed to run a newly modified Islamophobic advertisement on public transit vehicles in the greater Boston area. The ads are being paid for by anti-Muslim activists Pamela Geller and … Continued

Mark Krikorian, Herman Cain, Mosques, and the “Danger” within.

by Jerry Higgins Herman Cain has once again found himself in the news for less than favorable reasons. That pesky religion Islam is doing its best to stop him getting elected President, darn it. This time it was the audacity … Continued


Geert Wilders, the Dutch Anti-Immigrant Microphone

When you ask the Average Joe what they know about Holland, the answer you get is almost always the same; a country that is one of the most liberal in the world whose capital Amsterdam is famous for its Red … Continued